Sapphire is our current headmistress.

She is a protective mother and an alpaca who is not to be trifled with!  This is not to say that she is aggressive–not at all.  Rather, she knows what she wants and (more importantly) what she does not want.  Knowing how to increase the former without the latter is the key to winning Sapphire’s heart.

Crescent Moon’s Sapphire is a multi-award winning alpaca.  She is a beautiful animal all the way around and she passes along her stunning fleece to her crias.  You can see Elwood, Juliet, Abigail, and Esteban here at the farm.

She also infuses a charmingly willful character into each of her crias.

If you drop anything on the ground and observe any alpaca rolling on it; chances are it’s one of Sapphire’s babies.

I don’t know why.